Head3 [project suspended]

     A solar head constructed with brass stock and shaft collars.  This particular robot uses a variant of the Wilf Rigter Solar Power Smart Head that was adapted to have two separate degrees of freedom (it can track light both vertically and horizontally).

Project Updates

June 03, 2005
     I have finished the circuitry for the most part.  The only things left to add are the solar cells (two of them) and the power capacitor.  I am very happy with how this project is coming along.  I used socket pins on many of the connections to allow for easy disassembly of the robot.  I am slowly moving towards completely modular designs and this is a prime example.  The circuit has been powered and works, but it is really sensitive (too much so).  It will be tuned in the coming days.  Enjoy!!

Finished circuit module

Circuit module mounted on base

May 25, 2005
Here are some preliminary pictures of my newest project, a 2DOF head.  So far I have finished the motor mounts and the basic linkages.  The motors are Escap gearmotors from Solarbotics and are held together with a hand-made piece of copper.  The linkages is made of brass and held together with solder and nickel plated shaft collars from my local hobby store.  When completed it will have two solar cells positioned on either side of the motors satellite style.  One will face the same direction as the head while the other will be permanently facing upwards.  I am still brainstorming on ideas for the base.  I want a big gear or block of brass to solder the supporting rod to (will replace the Vice Grips in the first picture).