Turbot 01

     This is my first Turbot, and I am very happy with how it came out.  It uses a free-formed Miller popper photopopper circuit along with some very nice Escap gearmotors (same used in Mark Tilden's VBug 1.5, also know as Walkman).  I tried to keep everything small as possible, and succeeded in getting it all to fit in between half of two Panasonic 3733 solar cells.
     In direct sunlight the motors fire almost continuously, only stopping to switch between themselves.  As for its phototropic behavior, I am a little disappointed.  It will align itself with the light, but since the motors only rotate in one direction, sometimes it is phototropic and others its photophobic.  This could be fixed with a mercury switch that changes the direction of the motors depending on its orientation.
     I am extremely happy with this robot and plan to build another almost identical turbot when I am able to get my hands on some more Escap gearmotors.  I want to change the arm length and might even mess with the angle between the motors.  Also, as I build the next one, I plan to take pictures along the way and use them to make a tutorial on free-forming a
Miller popper (I could use a nice tutorial on this site).