Walker 01

     My first attempt at a walking robot.  I used Solarbotics Sc1 and IMx 1.0 PCBs to make the job easier.  The frame is made out of brass sheets that I found at my local hobby store.  The legs are 8 gauge copper wire and are attached to the servos using Solarbotics LMP1 PCBs.  For power, it uses four AAA Ni-Cds.  The leg design is pretty standard (I wanted to make a walker that worked before trying to get creative) and can be found at www.solarbotics.com.  It took awhile to figure out the adjustments for the Sc1 trimpots, but I eventually got it walking.  All said and done I am really happy with how it came out.  It has a nice combination of speed and climbing ability.

Close-up of PCB and chassis

Outdoor pictures of completed robot

Pictures of walking gait