This page contains samples of plans, drawings, or notes about robots that were fortunate enough to make it onto paper.  I have posted these here for your viewing pleasure and to help spark ideas.  Please use what you need but I ask that you respect my work and give credit where due.  Thanks, and get building.

Turbot 01 Initial Plans: [Abandoned for redesign]
My first turbot design.  I designed initially designed Turbot 01 with rigid arms positioned at a 90 degree angle.

Turbot 01 Final Plans: [Project completed]
This is the final version of Turbot 01's design.  This design is built around spring-steel arms to prevent stripping the gearmotors.  The motor positioning changed due to the longer, flexible arms.  The general shape is based off of Mark Tildens Liam and Sith turbots.

T-o2 Scale Drawing: [Project Completed]
T-o2 is designed to be a modular turbot platform.  The idea is to be able to disassemble and repair/replace and part that went bad.  The chassis is composed of four pieces, two outer plates and a set of standoffs that double as motor mounts.

T-o3 Plans: [Project Pending]
This design calls for some pager gearmotors from Solarbotics. It is designed to be light, small, and robust.  I have incorporated everything learned from previous designs into this one, making it (hopefully) the best design yet.  I want to keep a small footprint but might try a more complex circuit than what I have used in the past if it will fit.  Am definitely looking forward to building this one...

mwt UBUG 4.1 tribute Plans: [Project Underway]
This design is entirely based off of Mark Tilden's UBUG 4.1, an aesthetic inspiration to me.  I tried to keep everything as similar as possible but all I had to go by is a couple pictures. Everything was calculated with a printout, ruler, and logical deduction so I am not quite positive it will walk. Check out the PCB section for my custom PCB walker layout made especially for this robot.