I like to think of pummers as the plants of BEAM.  They are designed to do nothing but absorb energy all day and slowly release it through short, controlled bursts at night.  They usually have one LED (more can be used with a decrease in life) and can be incredibly bright.  Many pummers use the sun for energy, but other sources, like batteries, can be used.  Using solar power is preferred because it allows them to be independent, adding to their elegance.

AnTenna-1: Pummer!!
It flashes green about once every 1.5 seconds.  The stand is made of ten gauge copper wire.  A 2.5V 10F capacitor serves as the storage, with a 6.3V 3300mF capacitor to double the voltage.  The LED is mounted in a copper bushing from an old fax machine.  I use these in all my pummers.

I rewired Antenna1 to match the newer pummers of the series.

AnTenna-2: The second of the series
I decided to buy a high intensity blue LED for this pummer.  I also tried to keep the wiring to a minimum.  To change things up a bit, I varied the timing components to lower the frequency and shorten the pulse (making for a slower, brighter flash).  The stand is almost identical to AnTenna1 except that it is a little bit taller and the LED is mounted on the opposite side of the tower.  Together the pummers make for quite a light show.  I am very pleased with this one, definitely a keeper.