Head bots are devices that can be mounted on another robot or can stand alone.  Their primary function is to seek out a desired source (in many cases, the brightest source of light).  When mounted on another device, they can be used to collect and send data back to the base.  This allows for increased efficiency and is desirable in many cases.  For example, a robot with a head can collect data of its surroundings without having to turn itself towards the particular source.

Head1: A bicore head
This robot is a simple battery powered bicore circuit mounted on a stand.  Oscillates continuously, searching for and holding the brightest source of light in its periphery.

Head2: A BEP application from Solarbotics
This head is based almost entirely off of a Solarbotics BEP Application.  The unit is controlled by the famous Wilf Rigter Solar Power Smart Head circuit.

Head3: A modular 2dof head
A solar head constructed with brass stock and shaft collars.  This particular robot uses a variant of the Wilf Rigter Solar Power Smart Head that was adapted to have two separate degrees of freedom (it can track light both vertically and horizontally).