T-o3 [now uTB]

!!!! NOTE: This project is now part of the uTB Turbot Series !!!!
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     This will be my third turbot and I plan on having this one as structurally sound as possible.  I have based the shape off of a pair of turbots by Mark Tilden known as Liam and Sith.  They are incredibly small and appear to be very sturdy.  For the circuitry, I will be using the BiDirTurbot2-5 circuit by Wilf Righter.  It is a photophillic turbot controller with bidirectional capabilities along with a motor overload sensor.
     This project, like UBUG 4.1 tribute, will have its own custom PCB to keep the size down and help increase durability.  In addition to keeping the circuit rigid, the PCB will also serve as part of the chassis.  When fully assembled, T-o3 should be one of the most durable robots I have made.  Ideally I want it be able to survive a drop of two feet.

Project Updates

July 21, 2005
Here is the second version of the main PCB.  Using the first version as a guide, I was able to better position everything on this version (I even had extra room for indicator leds). The PCB uses SOIC ICs to get everything to fit nice and tight.  As for the size of the PCB, the long width (corner to corner) is approximately 4.5 centimeters.

July 19, 2005
I started to layout the main PCB today and, after some decent progress, decided to scrap it and start over.  This particular configuration did not lend itself well to the hexagonal shape and required many long traces across almost the whole board.  I will, however keep the same size and shape of the board for the next version.