Here are the PCB designs I have come up with.  The layouts were done using ExpressPCB, free software for designing and submitting PCBs for printing.  Feel free to use my designs but please respect my work and give credit where necessary; many hours of planning, layout, and debugging have gone into these.

mwt UBUG 4.1 tribute: My first printed PCB
This is the PCB for my project to replicate my favorite Mark Tilden walker, UBUG 4.1.  It is a basic master-slave bicore circuit with reverse circuitry along with a Miller Soler Engine.  I kept everything as close a possible to best emulate UBUG 4.1's design.

MC68HC11 Embedded System:
This was a project for microcontroller class at The University of Texas at Austin.  It is a 6811 embedded system with 8k of external RAM and some built-in buttons and LEDs.