Photovores, one of the coolest types of BEAM robots.  They are made up of two solar engines linked together by a light sensitive voltage divider.  Photovores can be set up to be either photophilic or photophobic.  It makes sense, though, to have them move towards their source of energy, light.  Like solarollers, photovores will jump off a desk or table if your not careful, but they can be left alone in an enclosure due to their directional capabilities.

Solarbotics Photopopper Kit: My first photovore
A wonderful kit from Solarbotics.  A very capable and elegant robot kit with flawless fit and finish.  Building was easy and enjoyable thanks to the extensive documentation and pictures.  I can not say enough of this kit: Everyone should have one........ or five. 

PVore-1: A freeform photovore
PVore-1 is a photovore based on the tutorial on
Chiu-Yuan Fang's photovore page designed to have a small footprint.  It has very nice action when the solar-engine fires.

PVore-2: Another of the PVore series
PVore-2 is the second of the PVore series.  It has a slightly longer configuration than PVore-1 but still retains the style of the series. 

PVore-3: Third of the PVore series
PVore-3, the third of the series, is very similar to PVore-2 but with a larger solar cell.  There are other minor changes to the geometry.