Walkers are BEAM.  Walkers alone a probably responsible for the huge following of BEAM to this day.  No other division of robotics can produce such agile walking robots for the same price.  In comparison to other walking robots, they cost only pennies and are just as, if not more capable.  They come in many varieties, the most common being the 2-motor walker.  These are the simplest walkers and, while they are not a walk in the park to build, provide a good starting point for your average hobbyist.

Walker 01: Servocore walker with reverse
I built this robot using a BEP project from Solarbotics as my guide.  The BEP tiles made assembly easy and kept the circuitry compact and clean.

mwt UBUG 4.1 tribute: A walker inspired by Mark W. Tilden
This is an ongoing project to replicate my favorite Mark Tilden walker, UBUG 4.1.  As of now, I just need to figure out how to hold everything together.  Almost done!