Hello, and welcome to The Breadboard V2.  This site is dedicated to bringing you information on my BEAM creations along with some links to other valuable BEAM resources.  So enjoy yourself and have a look around!
                                                                                                                                           -Brett Hemes

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I finally finished Tribute.  I am so happy with how it came out.  Check it out here!

Huge update! Tonight I added the uTB Series page.  Be sure to check this out, it's probably some of my best work to date!  I also uploaded the new UBUG 4.1 tribute documentation; now you can easily make your own UBUG tribute.  Happy Building!

Two new bots today (one was actually added yesterday)!  PVore-2 and PVore-3 made the site.  I now have three photovores, enough to get some good fights for the light pool.

New Layout!  I have been working really hard trying to get this new webpage together and am happy with the results.  I believe the design is more efficient with plenty of added eye-candy.  Let me know what you think and please e-mail me if you find any bugs.  Enjoy!