Turbots....  possibly the most intriguing of BEAM robots.  Instead of wheels or legs, these odd robots use either one or two flagella to tumble about.  Due to their slow method of locomotion, they are often powered by batteries instead of the usual solar cells.  These robots have a nasty reputation of entangling themselves in other robots wires and legs, resulting in a huge mess. 

Turbot 01: My first turbot
I designed this one to be as small and light as possible. Worked wonderfully but is now retired due to motor fatigue.

T-o2: A modular approach
A turbot with a modular chassis design. The chassis is hand cut from brass sheet and can easily be broken down into four pieces.  This project was never completed due to lack of proper gearmotors.

T-o3: A test of structural integrity
T-o3 is my current attempt to build a turbot capable of falling more than two feet and still function properly (and of course look good while doing it).

uTB Turbot Series: Small and strong!!!
The uTB (Micro Turbot) Series turbots are designed to be small, light, and robust.  Sporting custom PCBs and bidirectional control circuitry, these turbots are a force to be reckoned with!